Auto Dismantlers Enjoy the Convenience of DMV Processing in the Comfort of Their Offices

Processing is automatic for all salvage yard Redline members

DMV Processing Made Easy

Redline’s DMV Processing system allows members to process every vehicle purchased at any auction or online car auction through the Department of Motor Vehicles in the state of California.  

Environmentally Friendly System for Dismantlers

Additionally, RDL software also features a Book Log system that allows members to track and store information of every vehicle purchased for dismantling purposes. No longer is there a need for dismantlers to store paper records or bulky notebooks that clutter their offices with this vital information. Book Log and DMV processing of salvage car auctions by Redline Used Auto Parts stores unlimited records for auto dismantlers. What’s more, there is no additional cost for this service to members. 

DMV Processing Through Redline is a Handy, Realtime Tool

Easy Access to the California DMV

The RDL DMV Processing Tool is a convenient feature that replaces a visit to the California Department of Motor Vehicles when a dismantler wants to complete an auto transaction. It allows auto dismantlers who buy wrecked cars to process vehicle auction purchases directly through Department of Motor Vehicles in the state of California. They can upload the documents necessary to complete a transaction which saves a lot of time and money. 

A DMV Processing System That Saves Tons of Time

Normally, these types of transactions require a visit to the local DMV, even when made through car auction sites. But through Redline Used Auto Parts membership, auto dismantlers can use the Redline tool to automatically process any vehicle directly through their local California Department of Motor Vehicles. This convenience gives dismantlers a huge advantage as it represents ease and efficiency. They can also check the status of a case by using the DMV Processing tool from the comfort of their office. 

Some of the DMV Processing Features Include: 

As Redline Used Auto Parts continues to grow, the DMV Processing tool will soon expand on a nationwide level.  


Title Transfer


Vehicle Registration


Duplicate Title


Replace License




Plate Order

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