How to Get a Vehicle History Report

Even for auto dismantlers, acquiring used cars and parts can be a stressful process

Many cars have been totaled, crashed or damaged

Car History Report

It is not always clear to auto salvagers what a vehicle has been through. Further, a visual inspection does not always reveal how well the car has been maintained or if it has been in an accident. Therefore, a car history report is the key to understanding the vehicle’s condition in helping to avoid complications.

To get all updated specifics about a vehicle, auto dismantlers members can access Redline to get their car history reports

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The reports cost $5.00 and contain the most recent DMV information about vehicles. RDL members can print or email their reports and will remain in their Car History profile system for unlimited access at any time.

Is That Used Vehicle Worth the Purchase Price?

Vehicle Worth the Price

A car history report provides vital information that auto dismantlers can use to decide if a used vehicle is either worth the asking price or even worth purchasing at all.

What Car History Reports Include

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  • Accident history – this data is gathered from motor vehicle departments, law enforcement agencies, auto repair shops and insurance companies. The data is used to create a comprehensive list of any accidents involving the car. This information helps auto dismantlers determine if the car is safe, worthy of reselling or best used to dismantle for salvaging of its parts. 
  • Other damage – Other sources of damage include fire, vandalism, or weather (flood or hail) that can be found in the car history report. The report provides extensive insight to dismantlers whether these issues will impact the purchase and therefore performance of the vehicle.
  • Title history – A vehicle’s title history can provide a lot of information. For example, if the car has a salvage title, it means that it was totaled in an accident. Even if a buyer came along and repaired the car, significant problems could still run in to the hundreds or thousands of dollars. 
  • Mileage – Reading a vehicle’s odometer is very important. If the current reading shows a lower number of miles than what has been reported in the past, consider it a red flag.
  • Previous owners – The car history report shows a history of who bought the vehicle and dates of when and where it was sold.  
  • Service history – Service records can help dismantlers in inspecting a vehicle for purchase by providing a full picture of its maintenance history.  
  • Recalls – Checking a car history report for manufacturer recalls can be very beneficial for auto dismantlers. This is because as vehicles change ownership, manufacturers may have a difficult time contacting current owners about any recalls.

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