It Cross References a Huge Inventory of Interchangeable Parts

It is a user-friendly system of finding and exchanging used car parts according to their original part numbers. The parts interchange database lets auto dismantlers exchange like auto parts from different vehicles, part application and fitment. The Redline Interchange is included in Redline membership at no added cost to members.

What is OEM for Used Auto Parts?

OEM for Used Auto Parts

OEM simply means original equipment manufacturer. Through the Redline Interchange, auto dismantlers discover which OEM parts fit for exchange from one vehicle to another. With this valuable tool, auto dismantlers can save tons of time while finding exactly what they need.

With OEM, auto dismantlers discover which automotive components are the official, genuine parts produced directly by the vehicle’s maker. This means that they never have to worry about ordering the wrong auto parts. Further, they can find the lowest cost options which saves money.

The Interchange Provides Extensive Coverage

The Interchange Provides Extensive Coverage

The RDL Interchange service is provided directly through Interchange™. There are approximately 1,116 models, over millions of exact Interchange Numbers covering vehicle from the 1920s to present. The Parts Interchange offered is for foreign and domestic cars and lightweight trucks weighing up to one ton. All the vehicles were manufactured for sale in the United States and Canada.

Through the Redline Interchange, members get quick and easy access to tons of information important for the success of their businesses. Opportunities to exchange used auto parts using flexible tools, various applications, detailed part definitions and illustrations are some of membership benefits.

Through Redline, Used Auto Parts Search is Simplified

Through Redline, Used Auto Parts Search is Simplified

Auto dismantlers find excellent value in the Redline Interchange. They can find the parts they need to keep their customer vehicles running in good condition. With this yard management system, dismantlers can broaden or simplify their searches for hard-to-find or rare auto parts. They also saving money at the same time.

The Redline Interchange represents an important resource for all salvage yard owners. They get to make smart choices with used auto parts they can trust.

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