It Gives Auto Dismantlers Access to Thousands of Traded Parts

The RDL Hotline is a telecommunications platform that lets dismantlers instantly broadcast used auto parts with their voices in real time. The Hotline platform is easily accessed on a mobile device as well as a desktop computer or laptop. The ease of use gives them a powerful tool to do business quickly and efficiently.

The cost to broadcast or post through the RDL hotline

Mobile Hotline

The Hotline is included in Redline membership. Additionally, the process is very easy for dismantlers to use right after the Hotline is installed.

Setting up the RDL hotline to broadcast auto parts

Setting up the RDL hotline to broadcast auto parts

After a dismantler becomes a Redline member, a representative will make an appointment to visit their salvage yard to install a red phone device in their office. This device connects to the Redline computer platform and allows dismantlers to use the Hotline service within the platform. This area becomes the broadcast station. The Hotline works by simply pressing a button that allows a dismantler to then broadcast the part needed.

The RDL Hotline is a point-to-point communications link

RDL Hotline

This telecommunications platform instantly and reliably connects dismantlers with other salvage yard members in any location. Because it is a voice over IP (a phone connected over the internet), the platform supplies instant communication.

Using the Hotline, all RDL members can broadcast across hundreds of auto salvagers who hear the broadcast. Then, any of those salvagers can at once respond to a part they need or have available.

Dismantlers can use the Hotline to connect to the broadcast system from any of their devices


A fair example is a grocery store that broadcasts a message for everyone in the store to hear. The clerk accesses a phone device, presses a button, and makes an announcement. The phone device accesses a computer system that broadcasts the message for all to hear.

The concept of the RDL Hotline is similar. But the difference is that only auto salvagers within the RDL network will hear the broadcast in real time wherever their salvage yard located.

For information about accessing a huge inventory of interchangeable parts, visit the Redline’s Hollander Interchange page.

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